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Thursday, January 06, 2005

10,000 Birds

10,000 Birds” is packed with a bunch of information about bird watching, plenty of links and their bird count listing. When I first stopped at this blog I saw a few entries and book ads in the left column, I almost cruised on to the next blog. However, I’m glad I looked around and realized as the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover”, can apply to blogs and “don’t judge a blog by its front page”. A large assortment of material is available in the archives section of this blog. The many subjects and blog entries are categorized and searchable. A Trip report section, terminology, reasons to become a bird watcher, birds and many more categories and entries are in the archives. There is a fairly large link section to visit. The blog is very themed about bird watching with a touch of green, eco and politics. It doesn’t look like you can comment at this web log but you can send email. I give it 8 stars. A very nice resource has been put together at this blog for new bird watchers and others that enjoy the hobby. I didn’t see a lot bird images; it is much more text oriented.

8 stars

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At 06 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review, Russ. My homepage shows one month at a time, so if someone visits for the first time early in the month, they won't see many posts. I'm glad you took the time to browse my archives.

So, in your opinion as a blog reviewer, what would 10,000 Birds need to be a 10-star blog?


At 07 January, 2005, Blogger BlogCruiser said...


Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

Before I get into what I think would have made it a 10-star, let me mention a few things. I currently have no criteria listed here because it’s merely my opinion and feelings as I cruise a blog. I invite others to leave their opinions and star ratings in the comments just for this reason. I may think a blog is 5 stars and someone else thinks it is a 1 star and another person might say 10 stars. I’ve also only mentioned blogs that I like so far and may stick to that format. As the old cliché goes, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

Blogs are like books or people themselves to me. They are diverse, have different ideas, thoughts and likes. Please, and this goes for others that I rate their blogs to, do not change your blog on my account! If you like your blog the way it is that is what is important! It is an extension of your ideas, thoughts and your gift to others out here on the web and blog world.

As other moderators are added such as Holly to add her opinion and reviews you may see a difference and variety in ratings because our views are different.

Myself, I’ve been noted as being stingy with the stars sometimes from some visitors and I can admit I probably am. That’s just me. :)

I’m very glad you mentioned that it was the start of the month because I didn’t mention that your blog seems very active with posts almost daily. I did assume that it was sparse on the front because you probably archived them monthly but didn’t add it to my review.

Ok, sorry for being so long winded without even answering your simple question yet.
As I’ve mentioned I think the blog is a wonderful resource. One thing that would have made your blog higher on my star rating is if you could have some how related to me visually of all the content available at this blog/site. I really almost cruised on until I hit your archives and went “wow” as I dug even further in. You have so much interesting material there. I actually like the linear, like a book, with an index to all the topics and information available in your archives section. This may have been a better front page for me with your current blog entries some how designed into the page. If there was a sidebar menu, pull-down menu or more in the front page columns that brought this archive index to my attention; I would like that much more then the ads that are there now. The ads on your page are content oriented which I like. I’m not completely against ads as you can see I have google ads at this blog but they make me cautious at times. I felt your content was more important in this particular case and the content didn’t get enough play or placement. Another item that you do have is a lot of links to images and your own images through out the blog. I like the imagery in the material very much and would not want to see them change or go away. I would like to see an added easier access gallery with these images and possibly captions that is just for viewing this portion or your content. The design of your blog is very pleasant but it didn’t stop me in my tracks, which is more of matter of opinion and taste though. Well I hope this reply helps you understand my view a little better and I wish you the best of luck with your blog and thank your for building and sharing such a wonderful resource with everyone!

Some or all of these additions could make it a 10 for my visit. I hope my reply did answer your question for you. Thanks again for stopping by!

If you have any more questions or comments please feel free to post them here or email me at nadernowATgmailDOTcom

I also hope you didn't mind me picking your blog there to write about it was one of the best IMHO I found during my blogcruising that day!

Russ alias (BlogCruiser)


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