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Friday, December 17, 2004

Web Divas

Web Divas” are a web design company or group and these ladies are doing a nice job in personalizing a lot of blogs and sites. Their work is very colorful, brilliant, warm and animated from what I’ve browsed through. We don’t all have this type of professional design talent and they seem to make it look easy with all the examples in the portfolio section of their site. They have some very reasonable prices in the package section. If you don’t want that much done they have a templates section that is even more reasonably priced and will also create banners. I get a friendly and welcome feeling as soon as I show up to their site. I think they are doing a great job. I haven’t actually had any business dealings with them myself or even know them, so I can’t comment on that area at all. I will give them 9.5 stars. I wish them a lot of luck in their endeavors. They are doing a nice job in adding personalized and colorful pages to the blogging community.

9.5 stars

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