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Thursday, December 23, 2004


TechMount” is a nice tech news/info stop with a lot of categories, posts and comments. There are categories such as internet, corporations, gaming, news, blogtech, security, science and I won’t list all of them but there are plenty of other categories to go browsing through. Most everything is tech oriented and there is lots to read about in news blurts along with the bloggers interesting ideas and opinions added to posts. I enjoy the technical news, rumors and information. It was an informative and fun blog for me to cruise through. I was able to find new information about Google, Microsoft, Firefox, WinRAR and TinySpell to only mention a few of the many posts and archives that are available. The posts are short quick and to the point in most cases. I think there is a few to many ads in one area on the blog. I have ads too and don’t hold that against anyone; I just thought they were a bit congested at the top of the page. I give 8 stars. If you like technobabble blurts it can be an interesting and fun blog visit.

8 stars

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