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Friday, December 17, 2004


Opinions, opinions and many of you know a statement or two about opinions. Critics, reviews, etc. about movies, books, websites, blogs and other material are just that, opinions. Some hold more weight then others to people only because they agree, like or dislike that person’s opinions. So NEVER feel bad even if I give you a 1 star rating. It is just one persons opinion and it doesn’t mean your blog is a one star. It could be a 10 star to someone else viewing it. I know some movie critics that whenever they say a movie is bad then I’m off to see it right away because I usually disagree with them. I’m just blog cruising and adding my opinions. :) I hope you enjoy your visit.

Remember that in the comments section of each blog I review you can add your own review and ratings too. Please just be constructive, polite and respectful about it or I will delete it. THANKS.

OK, another quick plug for blogexplosion. I’m greatly enjoying the quality traffic they are bringing to this blog!

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