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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Marginal Comments

Marginal Comments” jumps right out of the computer with some impacting graphic design. It is a life journal that gives you some very interesting stories, religious insights and ties. I get a feeling of a very comfortable atmosphere with this bloggers design and writing. You get to read many different thoughts and ideas along with a little understanding of his ideals. The “Connected” blog post “almost” makes me want to stay near a city and away from the country with his high-speed connection and ambulance chronicles. This particular blog appears be a couple months old and a little light yet on content but is combined in a unique manner (his/her) to his wife’s blog (Fallible – by Katy a Christian writer) that has years of archives to read through. It is a very nice and well done family, spiritual and life journal. I give it 8.5 stars.

8.5 stars

blogged by Anonymous @ 12/29/2004


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