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Monday, December 06, 2004

Knit Therapy

Knit Therapy/Knitherapy” is an easy to read and themed blog. There are links to free patterns, other knitting sites and a nice assortment of other knitting information. Plenty of witty posts and information can be found on the bloggers trials, errors, finds and general life itself. There are lots of images of the bloggers knits such as booties, scarf’s, handbags to a dog sweater. The blog is part of the “Fluffy Knitting Bloggers (Ring)”. There is even one blogroll section that meanders to all those “obnoxious quizzes” that I love to take, so of course I had to try a few of them. I will rate it 8 stars. It is really a nice blog and pleasant to the eye in design. I do not claim to know much of anything about knitting but the blog appears that it could be very interesting to someone interested in this subject. If you know more about knitting then I do please feel free to add additional comments.

8 stars

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