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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Free-For-All Friday

Free-For-All Friday” is a simple but nice idea for getting readers involved. It gives your blog readers the opportunity to be the originator of a post rather then a commenter in reply. There is a participants list and a webring to go along with this concept originated at the OrangeHairedBoy blog. I like the effort this blogger has made in starting this assemblage. There are simple to follow instructions on how to become part of this group on a colorful and nicely designed page. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of members on the participants list yet but everything starts with a few and can grow from there. It would be nice to hear from a few of the folks that have participated in this agenda already; maybe the good, bad or ugly things that took place during their use of the system or ease or difficulty in setting this up in their own blog. I think I might look at setting this up here and see how it all goes. It sounds like it could be some fun. I will give this 8 stars.

8 stars

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At 11 December, 2004, Blogger Nikkiana said...

I've participated a few times, unfortuantely I've forgotten to open up my blog for guestposts the past few months.


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