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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Failed Success

Failed Success” I can enjoy some trivia and useless knowledge and this blog/forum are admitted purveyors of this type information. I like finding those off the beaten trail and possibly a bit eccentric locations on the web now and then. The NaDa post was a good chuckle and I’ve visited and participated in the Where’s George site a few times over the years. The St. Louis Arch story was rather interesting and something that I didn’t know. There are not hundreds of archived posts there and the blog/forum seems rather young with only a few members. It’s a nice idea and interesting start though. I will be going back to gather some more of that useless knowledge. You can register and become a failed success member too. I’m not a member myself but I’m assuming that once you’re a member you can help add to the interesting posts and build this library. I give it 8 stars. It’s an interesting place to go find some of the unusual but not to the extreme unusual.

8 stars

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