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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


blogdex” is actually a blog tool rather then a blog but a very interesting project an online utility. It’s been around for a while. They state in their about section that many other blog tools have been developed along the same line since they started this project, such as Daypop, Technorati and Popdex. I find it fun to see what is developing and popular out on the blogvine (grapevine). This tool is useful to me for doing this. It’s another way for me to find interesting blogs and posts. If you want you can submit your blog to be indexed into the gathering of information. I give the project 8.5 stars. It’s simple, easy to use and has many practical applications. I may not like the analogy of info on blogs at the "about section" but that is another post for another place and the project is an excellent idea.

8.5 stars

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At 23 December, 2004, Blogger Torlla said...

A very interesting blog. Greetings from New Zealand. Please find time to check out http://torlla.blogspot.com/


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