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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Blogcatalog” is a fairly large blog directory that seems to be growing. There are plenty of categories and lots of blogs to browse through. There is a lot to view and do here at this blog directory or portal. You can browse blogs, view popular blogs and submit your own. I submitted my blog and it was a very painless process. You create a password and can manage your own blog too. The blog is quite busy when you open the main page but there is a lot of material to look through and it’s pretty easy to read. I think if you’re going there to browse the directory only then your best bet is to click the directory button. It is simpler to read in that area with mostly just the blog directory itself to look at. You can really dig down into a blog and get a lot of information about each blog. You can see the description, sometimes a thumbnail of the site, hits, views, ratings and comments. I give 8.5 stars for this blog service.

Overall 8.5

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