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Monday, December 20, 2004


BlogAbroad” I’m not much for the “reality show” craze and here comes the “reality blog”. Well it’s a chance for some students studying abroad to earn some extra cash. It might even be interesting and fun for a lot of people. Someone is obviously going to market these blogs too, so there goes the readership up and up. Auditions must be received by December 21st, 2004, so there is not much time left for anyone that is interested. I’m not sure I will actually be interested in the blogs but I may be interested in seeing where this gimmick goes in popularity. I give it 5 stars. Like I mentioned earlier I don’t really enjoy many if any of the reality shows; however, the reality blog is an intriguing and interesting idea for the students abroad. I think they offer more money on the television shows. As you can see, I’m sitting in the middle rating this one:) It could become really cool and it could flop.

5 stars

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