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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Blog Poll

I would like to get some feedback from visitors to this blog. This is a blog post poll, no fancy poll data or boxes just please add your answer in the comments if you would. Here are some of the choices:

1. Use a daily archive and leave 1 day on the main page?
2. Use a weekly archive and leave 8 days on the main page? (currently used)
3. Use a monthly archive and leave 30 days on the main page?
4. This would be another suggestion altogether that you write in.
5. Just give it up and delete the blog.

If you could just post the number of your choice from above that you prefer in the comments section, along with any other suggestions you might have. Obviously, if you choose 4 you should add some other suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

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At 18 December, 2004, Blogger Lili said...

Surfing through from BlogExplosion... I think you should do nthe second option, and keep things as they are, 8 days on the front page. I detest blogs that have only one day on the main page, as they are extremely unfriendly to new readers or readers who don't have time to visit daily. And adding more than 8 entries to your main page would slow things down for those of us on dial-up. Hope this helps-

At 18 December, 2004, Blogger annette said...

#2. Weekly archive

Its the best.

At 20 December, 2004, Blogger Amy said...

#2. If you did the 30 day, it may take your page longer to load. If someone wants to go back 30 days, they can look at your archives.

A daily archive would not be good for me, because I don't always visit your blog everyday, but I know I will get to it once a week.

Great job and I have enjoyed your posts!

At 20 December, 2004, Blogger SweetKali said...

I vote for the weekly archive, it makes more sense. I like this blog, please don't give up on it...i've learned a lot from it (being a new blogmaster myself). Sweetkali http://violetsandlemons.blogspot.com http://sparklequeen.blogspot.com


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