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Friday, December 10, 2004

Best of Blog (BoB) Awards 2004

Best of Blog (BoB) Awards 2004” another awards system for bloggers and their blogs. The folks sponsoring this are WiredHub.Net Web Hosting Solutions and Blog Mechanics. They seem to feel there is a big enough need or gap out here for other bloggers and blogs to be recognized as they mention in their "About the BOB Awards". This is a personal blog competition and excluded blogs are “political blogs, technical blogs, and marketing”. I don’t get the impression at all this is meant to taint the image of the excluded group of blogs. I think it is an avenue to give well deserved recognition to personal, everyday, fun and leisure type blogs. I think it is a GREAT initiative. Just like creating a directory or search engine exclusively for games, politics, business or any other subject, it adds a value to the users. There is just so much talent publishing and creating so many really good blogs; it really amazes me! An additional award that takes everyone away from politics, business and tech for a little bit is a good idea, IMHO. All work no play as it goes… I like the idea however the grapevine is going to have to travel with this news quickly to make this late in the year launch of an awards program popular and successful. Well what is one of the mighty aspects of the blogosphere but a huge and powerful grapevine! It should be interesting to see how and where this award system goes and if it creates a yearly tradition. There are lots of categories and some are very large and unique categories to the personal blog community. Knitting, snarkiest, home schooling, about sex, weight-loss, daddy, mommy and plenty more are a few of these categories. The nominations started today December 10, 2004 and stay open until December 24, 2004. The voting runs January 1st-14th 2005 and the winners will be announced on the 21st of January 2005. Well good luck to all those who get involved and I hope it turns out to be a fun and fruitful event. I give 9 stars to this one for the ideas, content and effort. Definitely is worth a browse.

9 stars

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