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Friday, December 17, 2004

Ask Leo!

Ask Leo!” is a nice service provided by this software engineering and consulting firm owner of Puget Sound Software. He is providing in understandable English answers to many computer and technical questions that people have asked. I think this is great thing for someone to donate in time and energy now-a-days. It is really is a fantastic free service this individual is providing. Looks like it has been around for a while now so there is plenty of posts and comments in the archives to browse through; you may find some answers you were looking for by just browsing the existing material that is already there. I guess if you can't find the answer your looking for then it would be time to Ask Leo a question yourself. There is not a lot of additional advertising, good old google adsense is there and the blog it self is a good promotional tool for his own business in my opinion. I give it 9 stars.

9 stars

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