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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Starting Out

I will be adding blogs from anywhere and everywhere but probably will start out in a smaller sector of the blogosphere. I've been on the internet since long before there was HTML and Browsers but I'm still relatively new to the blog community. I'm addicted already though as you might see and enjoy a lot of the material out here. So off I go to do my own judging of what I like or do not like out there. If no one really likes this blog oh well, it will still serve as a good reference for me... :) If you would like me to look at your blog and consider it's inclusion in my list just add a post to this message and I will take a look and consider it. If you have any other random comments you can also add them to this post. When it comes to comments on the other blogs listed that will be up to you to leave your opinions too. I may come up with a specific criteria over time and maybe some people will have suggestions too. I will be writing about the design, content and usability for now. I think I will use a 1-10 star rating system at the end of each write too. Let me say to get a 10 I have the feeling your blog is going to have to astonish me! I'm going to be greedy with the 10's...

What makes me qualified or makes it right for me to write about and rate blogs. Qualified maybe not but the right is mine to have an opinion on other published works on the internet.

I'm going to limit the blogs for now and start with ones I find over at BlogExplosion but like I said I will be writing about any and all blogs eventually. However, start small right...and let me see how it all goes...

One of the things I do encourage is others comment and their ratings in the comments section on each blog, blog tool or other that I add here. All I do ask is that if you post a comment or rating in the comments section on a blog; PLEASE do not be mean, rude, obnoxious or personally direct this at the authors of the blogs. Make it a constructive post if you don't like something. Or just state you don't like something in a polite fashion. This is not about slamming people or blogs personally but me giving my opinion and maybe others too. If I find the comments section being abused I will delete the comments or close comments altogether if it comes to that. If you don't like what I said I don't mind you saying so. However, PLEASE do not disrespect the other blogs or people that travel through here. THANKS in advance.

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